Extensive Range of Textile Processing Machinery


Cretes, BelguimCretes, Belguim http://www.Cretes.be
Slitting Machines for non-woven production. Nonwoven Converting Machines, Cross-Perforating. Fabric Winders and Unwinding Machines, Edge Cutting, Selvedge Removal Systems, Cross Cutting - Ultrasonic Cutter, Accumulators, Brushing Machines
ETF, NetherlandsETF, Netherlands http://www.etf.nl
Machines for rolling, cutting, sample making or Needle Punched Carpeting and Non-Woven Roll Goods including automatic wrapping, accumulators and winders.
HonigmannHonigmann http://www.honigmann.com
Tension Measurement Sensors - Hand Held and Static for measuring yarn and fabric tension as well as Tissue Paper, Foil, Paper and Nonwovens
La MeccanicaLa Meccanica http://www.la-meccanica.it/eng/
Machinery for automated Inspection, Rolling and Wrapping for Nonwoven Roll Goods. Wrapping and Packing machines for Foam Rolls and Blocks
Truetzschler GmbHTruetzschler GmbH http://www.truetzschler-nonwovens.de/index.php?id=34&L=0
Opening and Blending lines, Carding Machines, Card Feeding, Crosslapping, web drafting, Needling, Air-Lay Non Woven Machinery.
Van Wees, NetherlandsVan Wees, Netherlands http://www.crossply.com
Cross-Ply Technology using multi-laminates. Composite Pre-Preg Machines. UD Machines Uni-Directional
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