AYM Syntex – India

BCF specialty yarn manufacturer with world class manufacturing technology for multipolymer products including Polyester and Nylon and Recycled Polymers – largest yarn dyeing house in Asia

Visit website: http://www.aymsyntex.com

ETF Netherlands

Machines in support of the carpeting, resilient floor covering and non-woven industries including cut order and rolling, cutting, sample making, rug rolling, automatic wrapping, accumulators, winders, display sample production and equipment for handling finished Cushion Vinyls, Linoleum flooring materials

Visit website: http://www.etf.nl/

Industrial Labelling Systems

Label Printers and Applicators for rolls of Carpet and Vinyl Floor Covering – Flexible all-round solution for the labelling of Carpet, Vinyl & Flooring rolls with shipping data…Meets demands for speed & accuracy, either DT (direct thermal) or TT (Thermal Transfer) printing. Able to receive data from host systems such as roll cut/wrap units & WMS systems, the TT-100 will integrate in to any process line with full PLC interface for total control.

Matrix b.v. The Netherlands

TIS – Thread Inspection System for tufting machines. This system verifies and detects missing tufts of yarn during the Carpet Tufting Process and will stop the tufting machine when an end out occurs. It checks the presence of the yarn between the needle and the carpet.

Visit website: http://www.matrix-ib.nl


MESDAN is world-wide leader in the production of yarn joining devices offering a complete range of splicers and knotters, both in automatic and hand-operated versions, to be fitted on all types of textile machine to join carpet yarns in the Tufting Creel, Beaming, and on the loom as well as on Winding and Twisting Machines.

Visit website: http://mesdan.it/english/index.php

Modra Technology Pty Ltd., Australia

Modra develops and manufactures machinery specifically for carpet sampling and carpet product development, notably the Mtuft for tufted sampling & yarn trials, the Kibby for axminster sampling and a range of machinery for finishing options. Responding to industry needs for innovative solutions since 1992 and with over 200 Modra machines sold throughout the world, Modra are world leaders in providing carpet sampling solutions.

Visit website: http://www.modra.com.au/

Neu, France

Jumbo Hank Dryers, Cabinet Dryers for Carpet Yarn


Otto Zollinger

Advanced Tension Devices providing constant uniform tension: Reduces yarn breaks, increases productivity, provides an even wrap on accumulators. No tension adjustments – self regulating tension from full to empty packages. Easy to install on new or existing machines. Not hampererd by machine speed nor affected by temperature or humidity. Reduces dust and fly, reduces yarn waste and helps maintain yarn integrity. Designed for Carpet Yarn Processing and for Twisting Machines, Heat-setting , Air-entangling, Warping / Beaming Creels and Tufting Creels

Tuftco Corp.

Tuftco is the only company in the world that supplies carpet manufacturers with all the necessary machinery to take yarn from the tufting process all the way through to finishing for broadloom or tiles. Tuftco manufactures world-class tufting machines that are pre-eminent in design and performance, together with creels, and back coating lines. Tuftco equipment is installed in over 40 countries on six continents.

Visit website: http://www.tuftco.com