ACE, Italy

Anti-static and static elimination equipment for the textile industry.

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Bouda, Austria

Fabric Slitting Machines for bandage and non-woven production. Nonwoven Converting Machines, Slitting, Cross-Perforating. Fabric Winders and Unwinding Machines, Edge Cutting, Selvedge Removal Systems, Cross Cutting – Ultrasonic Cutter, Artificial Grass Perforating Machines, Accumulators, Brushing Machines.

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Giovanelli, Italy

High Speed Sectional Warping Machines. Compact Sectional Warper

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Industrial Labelling Systems

Label Printers and Applicators for rolls of Cloth & Fabrics – Flexible all-round solution for the automatic labelling of Cloth rolls with shipping data…Meets demands for speed & accuracy, either DT (direct thermal) or TT (Thermal Transfer) printing. Able to receive data from host systems such as roll cut/wrap units & WMS systems, the TT-100 will integrate in to any process line with full PLC interface for total control.

La Meccanica

Machinery for automated Fabric Inspection, Rolling and Wrapping. Wrapping and Packing machines for Foam rolls and blocks. Qualijet High Speed Digital Printing Machine with Variable dot piezo print heads – based on Mimaki JV5 for fabrics and paper.

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High Stack Plaiting Machines, Selvedge Printing Machines MAAG Selvedge Cutting Machines

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Manufacturer of Products for Labelling of Textile and Laundry Goods. On Fabric Labelling Systems for Piece Tracking through all Textile Processes, Thermo transfer printers.

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Ramallumin, Italy

Direct Warping Machines, Sizing Machines, Indigo, Dyeing Machines & Creels. Felt calenders, Infrared dryers, Thermo-setting machines, Drying Cylinders

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Siltex, Italy

Impregnating, Coating & Laminating Plants for production of: PVC-PU synthetic leather, PVC wall paper, Self-adhesive tapes, Carbon & Glass PVC coated fabrics and tarpaulin, Banners, Geo-textile, Tensile structures, Home textiles (upholstery, blinds, blackout, awnings, etc), Water – fire – mite proof fabrics and other surface treatments, Conveyor belts, Rubber coating, Impregnation and coating plants for decor and kraft papers, Printing and lacquering plants, Embossing and laminating plants, Plants for production of: Coagulated woven and non woven, Impregnation woven/non woven/felts Laboratory & Pilot plants for: Coating, Coagulation, Embossing, Buffing

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Tema Textile Beams

Warpers Beams, Weavers Beams & Cloth Rolls.

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OFFICINA MASTER Srl – Wide range of machinery customised to customers requirements for pre- and post-finshing of woven and knitted fabrics, including

Equalising Machine, Packing machine, Steaming Machines, Stenters, Dryers, Accumulators, Pre-Finishing Machines, J-Boxes, Fabric Cleaning Systems, Cutting and Slitting solutions

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