Hand-held removal of waste synthetic yarn from beams, bobbins, wraps around rollers, trolley wheels etc., by Hot Air Knife cutting


The ARS Color Reference System is now regarded as the most widely used Colour Atlas – Designed specifically for the Carpet and Rug Trade, it is now taking over as an industry Standard Colour System particularly with more carpets and rugs being sourced from India, Nepal and the Middle East, China and the Far East. ARS Colors also have Colour Systems/Atlas’ for Cotton and Viscose.

The ball-winding machines for hand-knitting yarns are suitable for wool, acrylic, blends & fancy yarns. Continuous Yarn Shrinking and Bulking Machines & Cake Winding Machines

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Bast Fibre opening and cleaning machinery, Dust Extraction and Filtration Systems

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Medium and Coarse count automatic & manual winding machines, Assembly Winding, Dyna-Jet Air Entangling, Precision Winders and Dye-Package Winders, Expanders for Hank Processing.

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KNOT AND KNOT-FREE YARN JOINING SOLUTIONS MESDAN is a worldwide leader in the production of joining devices for the textile industry with a complete range of splicers and knotters, both in automatic and hand-operated versions, to be fitted on all types of textile machines to join yarns of different nature (in the type of fibre, structure and spinning system. LUBRICLENS – Combined Lubricant and Cleansing Medium for general use throughout the Textile Industry – penetrating action for fine mechanisms including splicers and knotters, rotors. The cleansing agent quickly evaporates, leaving a thin film of oil, the Anti-static properties repel dust, fly and fibres MESDAN LAB offers a wide range of testing equipment to perform control tests on fibres yarns and fabrics in the laboratory or directly on the production floor.

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Advanced Tension Devices providing constant uniform tension: Reduces yarn breaks, increases productivity, provides an even wrap on accumulators, no tension adjustments – self-regulating tension from full to empty packages. Easy to install on new or existing machines, not hampered by machine speed and not affected by temperature or humidity. These reduce dust and fly and reduce yarn waste and help maintain yarn integrity. Reduces maintenance. For Cabling Machines, Heat-set, Air-entangling, Warping / Beaming Creels. Yarn Tube – End Caps Narrow/ Needle Looms Tufting Creels Weft Accumulators

Plastic Yarn Carriers, Cones and Tubes for Synthetic Spun and Continuous Filament and yarns of Natural Fibres. Dye-Centres and Spacers. Carriers for Elastomeric Yarns

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Continuous yarn heat setting equipment for carpet yarn.

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Bobbins for Yarn Twisting Machines. Light alloy bobbins in O.P. (one piece) execution for yarn twisting on gimp machines. Double Flanges Bobbins Bobbins and tubes for steaming operations. Giant spools are made of light alloy. Plastic Tubes for Spinning & Roving frames Tubes for finishing machines

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Single & Multi-end Stop Motion Switches. Stop Motions for Roving Frames. Yarn Cutters for Texturizing and Knitting Machines. Portable Open-End Yarn Tester

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Fibre opening, cleaning and blending equipment. Bale Openers, Fearnaughts, Pneumatic Conveying Systems. CleanStar Recycling systems for cotton waste. Dye and bleaching plants, Wool scouring and wool combing plants, Waste regenerating industry, Manufacturing of security paper, Processing of glass and bast fibre, linters and others

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Processing equipment for Wool (loose stock, tops, tows), incl: Raw wool scouring lines including – Washing and drying lines – Drying lines – Bleaching and dyeing lines – Finishing lines for reproductive raw materials – Washing and drying lines (back-washers) for combing mill and dye works – Shrink-proof finishing lines for all common processes – Continuous dyeing lines – Continuous Vigoureux printing lines – Washing and drying lines – Continuous dyeing lines – Tow preparation lines for flock Complete Man-Made Fibre Processing Lines (Single & Two-stage Processing, Compact Process, Inline Process) for the production of PP, PES, PA & PAN staple & tow

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Automatic Baling Presses – Horizontal, Vertical, Swivel-Box and Pit Presses. Mutilating Equipment

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Aeris EPC

Air Handling, Humidification, Filtration, Clean Rooms and Energy Recovery Systems for Textile Manufacturing facilities

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